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Meet liv

My name is Liv and after spending years falling in love with one food blog after another, I decided to finally take the leap and start the Coast Kitchen. My love with food has taken over my entire life from my personal to my professional career. In my free time I am poring over beautiful recipe books and sweating away in my kitchen. I have worked in professional kitchens, on farms, in the food non-profit world and most recently in food marketing. I hope this is a place to share my thoughts, ideas and inspirations with you.

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What the coast kitchen is all about

I am passionate about sourcing the best ingredients I can. All of the ingredients on this blog will represent the farms, producers and small businesses that I love and support. I will frequently take the time to encourage the readers of the blog to explore their local food systems. I do not accept any payment or marketing for this work. These words are all my own.