Spring Planting

The weather just started getting warm. Really warm. Which means my garden was planted a month ago, my windowsills filled with starters that I began from seed and that I am on top of things. Hah! That did not happen. 

photo copy.jpg

I did however get my garden started this weekend, beginning the slow process of making our backyard the ultimate summer destination. I have visions of tables, benches, flower pots and stringing lights. Mike has visions of planting hops (of course) being the beer nerd that he is. 

We ordered our garden bed online, which came to our door and we put together in about 20 minutes without any major tools. Dirt, starters and compost came from a nursery and soil depot. Within a few hours we had plants in the ground and we feeling pretty good about ourselves. 

I may or may not have planted an excess of jalapeño pepper plants. I love making pickled jalapeños. Just saying.